“Massage is an important element to helping our body and soul gain balance. My passion and purpose is to help you achieve this.”

- Jessica Funcheon

Jessica Funcheon, LMT

FOUNDER, Licensed Massage Therapist

If you suffer from pain or discomfort from muscle tension or headaches, sciatica, Parkinson's, arthritis or chronic stress that disrupts your daily activities, you have come to the right place for relief!  

My name is Jessica Fascilla Funcheon. As the Founder and Licensed Massage Therapist of Carmel Restorative Massage Studio, it has been my dream to help those with chronic conditions or situations, live with more mobility and less pain. When experience meets compassion, healing comes naturally. I will create a customized massage integrating Swedish, deep tissue, lymph drainage and stretching to fit your needs in a therapeutic and tranquil environment.    

You are one massage away from feeling better. Please call me if you have any questions.  

Benefits of massage include boosted immunity, reduced anxiety, relief from or reduced headache pain, better sleep, lessened symptoms of depression, increased circulation and lower blood pressure, joint pain relief and increased mobility.